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Internal Work Environment Survey


Welcome to the BC Justice Sector's internal Work Environment Survey.

For those of you who have been in the BC Public Service for any length of time, you'll be completely familiar with the biennial Work Environment Survey created by BC Stats to measure engagement and commitment among government employees. First piloted in 2005 and launched as a corporate program in 2006, the WES has become an integral part of how our ministries, and the BC Public Service as a whole, measure their success as an employer of choice.

In 2011, the Deputy Ministers’ Committee on the Public Service (DMCPS) changed the WES cycle from every year to every two years, primarily to give ministries more time to respond effectively to WES results before having to deal with another WES cycle so quickly. While this has had some advantages, work units now have to wait longer for results to assess the impact of efforts taken to improve, and to obtain a current reading of the work environment.

In order to counter this limitation, the Strategic Human Resources team from the Corporate Management Services Branch has created a condensed version of the WES that can be used in off-cycle years. This version of the WES was developed in consultation with BC Stats, but is implemented by the Justice Sector’s Strategic HR team.

The survey should only take about five to ten minutes to complete, and your feedback is just as valuable on this off-cycle version of WES as it is for the next full version.

Use of Personal Information

This survey is anonymous. No administrative decisions about individuals or organizations will be made as a result of this survey. No individuals will be identified and no comments will be attributed to any individual in any reports resulting from this survey. The Strategic Human Resources Team will not collect, use or disclose any personal information using this survey. Please do not provide any third-party information (i.e. talk about others) in your responses to this survey.

All data for this survey is collected and managed in accordance with the provisions of PIA AG/SG16015 and the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Research Ethics. If you have any questions or concerns regarding data use, privacy or confidentiality issues, please contact Dr. Richard Brown at 250.217.0372, Tanis Abuda at 250.507.7963, or Cliona Quail-Bradley at 250.818.4544.


The questionnaire uses specific terms to describe aspects of the work environment that have been developed by BC STATS and used in every WES since 2006. These terms and their definitions are shown below.

Your work unit refers to the section or program area within the organization where you work.

Diversity refers to different people, backgrounds and ideas.

Discrimination occurs if a distinction is made that imposes burdens, obligations or disadvantages that are not imposed on others, based on: race, religion, sex, colour, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, family status, physical or mental disability, place of origin, age, unrelated criminal conviction, or political belief.

Harassment includes any unwelcome conduct or comment which has a negative impact on you or your work environment.

Your organization refers to your ministry, agency, office or commission of the Province.

The person I report to” refers to your immediate supervisor or manager. If you report to more than one supervisor or manager, please answer the question thinking about the person who oversees most of your work.

Your executive refers to senior leadership including the Deputy Minister, Associate Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers, Executive Directors, and other members of the Executive Committee.

My Work Unit

I currently work in the following work unit:

WES Questions

Overall, I am satisfied with my work as a BC Public Service employee.

I would prefer to stay with the BC Public Service, even if offered a similar job elsewhere.

I am satisfied with my job.

I am satisfied with my organization.

I have the opportunities to provide input into decisions that affect my work.

I have the freedom to make the decisions necessary to do my job well.

Innovation is valued in my work.

I have the opportunities I need to implement new ideas.

My workload is manageable.

My work-related stress is manageable.

My work is meaningful.

My job is a good fit with my skills and interests.

My workplace processes and procedures enable me to work as effectively as possible.

My organization is taking the steps to ensure the long-term success of its vision, mission and goals.

The vision, mission and goals of my organization are communicated well.

My organization is able to respond to change while maintaining a high level of performance.

My organization has a clear link between corporate strategy and team priorities.

My organization is nimble: maintaining stability specific areas, while adapting quickly when needed.

When needed, members of my team help me get the job done.

Members of my team communicate effectively with each other.

I have positive working relations with my co-workers.

My physical work environment (e.g. sound level, lighting, heat, ergonomics, etc.) enables me to work well.

The computer based tools (e.g. hardware, software) I have access to help me excel in my job.

The non-computer based tools (e.g. office or outdoor equipment) I have access to helps me to excel in my job.

I receive meaningful recognition for work well done.

In my work unit, recognition is based on performance.

My organization supports my work related learning and development.

The quality of the training and development I have received is satisfactory.

I have adequate opportunities to develop my skills.

I am fairly paid for the work I do.

My benefits meet my (and my family's) needs well.

My pay is competitive with similar jobs in the region.

In my work unit, the selection of a person for a position is based on merit.

In my work unit, the process for selecting a person for a position is fair.

A heathy atmosphere (e.g. trust, mutual respect) exists in my work unit.

My work unit values diversity in people and backgrounds.

My work unit values diversity in ideas.

My work unit is free from discrimination and harassment.

Executives in my organization communicate decisions in a timely manner.

Executives in my organization provide clear direction for the future.

The person I report to provides clear expectations regarding my work.

The person I report to consults me on decisions that affect me.

The person I report to keeps me informed of things I need to know.

I feel I am able to have a conversation with the person I report to when I need their perspective or advice.

The person I report to leads with an understanding of others' perspectives.

The person I report to pursues continuous improvement and seeks out new or innovative business approaches.

The person I report to sets high performance standards and holds individuals accountable to achieve work unit results.

The person I report to operates in an open and transparent manner with a high level of authenticity and credibility.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey

This is an unofficial WES survey being conducted to establish baseline information for RoadSafety BC prior to the 2019-20 WES being implemented by BC STATS. However, all data collected remains fully protected and only aggregate data is shared with executive members.

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